Recipes for creative DIY ways to get rid of pests

These ugly or annoying or harmful creatures live everywhere around us, and the spring and summertime are their favorite times to reproduce and invade. Aside from the fact that pests create the impression of dirty inside our home, they cause various damage to your property, might pollute your food, spread infectious diseases, and many other issues. If you’re planning to spend some quality time outdoors, throw backyard party for your friends, armies of pests might attack and spoil the party a big time. Here are some clever, creative and rather simple to construct methods to repel them effectively.

Simple trick to exterminate ants

You’d be surprised to see such obvious results with such simple method created with the items you probably already have somewhere in the house. You are going to need sugar, jar or any dish, warm water and boric acid. The last one can be purchased at any drug store, in the case you lack it. Mix sugar with boric acid in a dish or jar and fill warm water almost to the top. Mix it well, so it becomes completely liquid. Further, use pieces of cotton cloth to soak it with mixed solution.

Cosmetic pads may come handy as well. Once the cotton pads are soak completely, place them on any lid or shallow dish and leave at the strategic place where you have spotted most of the invaders. Wait for few days. You’ll observe dozens of ants drinking this solution after the smell attracts them, then taking it back to their colony and spreading the boric acid over there that will kill all of them efficiently.

Sticky tapes against the flies

It’s hard to imagine lazy summer days without dozens of flies around annoying, making irritating noise and above all, threating your health when flying around and touching your food. Flypaper strips are a well-known idea, quite efficient and available in most stores. However, these sticky paper strips are plain and simple – creepy. They are creepy even before dozens of flies start dying stuck to them. But the mechanism is efficient and should be used. Here’s a modified, better solution.

Get a paper bag and cut it into few strips. Punch or cut out a hole at one end of each strip and pull the string or twine through it to hang it. Melt sugar or honey on the stove and mix it with hot water to get the sticky lining for the strips. Apply sticky solution on both sides of each strip. If you use designed colorful paper bag, homemade flypapers will look even more attractive.

Eggs work as a natural pest repellent

Use eggshells to fight pests in your backyard and get a chance to spent time outdoors without these invaders. Smash several eggshells and spill pieces over the grass. These pieces act like pieces of glass, cutting snails and snakes and lizard, preventing them from hanging around your garden. At first, you’ll have to get rid of dead snails and lizards, but later they’ll just learn to avoid your backyard.

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