General Pest Control Service


When it comes to pest control services, we have to admit they are not as simple as they look like. The more varieties your company offers, it means that it has more experience. The developed program is the only way to maximize control of these pests. In the process are often included ant and termidor treatment. It is very important to perform it once a week, usually at the beginning of summer. A dusting of attics is also highly important, preferably is twice a year. In this process dusting exterior block, walls are also included, three times a year. If you skip your yard, the process won’t be efficient. Yard granulation should be performed every two months.

Some of the pest control companies offer a monitoring of rodents to investigate their movement and behavior. In most cases, the company places rodent monitoring stations with non-lethal bait. On the other hand, company inspects everything, even the source (food), that attract rodents and this way company can help you to prevent their return.

Home inspection as the way of prevention

Home-InspectionBefore you decide for any of our services you can call us just examine and inspect your entire home and determine which treatment is the most appropriate for your house. This way you will prevent yourself wasting money on unnecessary treatments that you do not need. After we examination your place we will suggest you the best and the most suitable solution for your issue.

Cockroach extermination

As one of the most annoying pests inside of the residential building, a cockroach can make your life miserable. No matter how persistent you are, they can be worse. The thing about them is the fact that if you exterminate them inside of your apartment and not the entire building they will find a way to enter again, they are pretty much unstoppable. To avoid this, we can organize your entire neighborhood and exterminate cockroaches once for all.

Rodent control

Rodent-controlRodents can be very annoying, and the only way to stop them is to find out the reason of their infestation. However, with the proper treatment, you can temporarily remove their presence. After a while, they will certainly come back, and you will realize you were supposed to remove the source at the very first beginning. Our service includes examination before taking any action. We consider it very useful.

In conclusion, we can say that before taking any action it is very important to know what kind of issue you are dealing with. You will cut the chase and go straight to the resolution. For special needs, you can always look for the special type of service adapted to your needs.

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