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3 Quick And Easy Ways To Keep Roaches Out Of Your Home

Roaches are one of the worst pests out there. Not only that they are obnoxious and disgusting, but they are also potentially very dangerous. Roaches are carriers of harmful bacteria, parasitic worms and other pathogens dangerous to humans. They roam around our homes, backyards, basements and garages searching for remains of food, usually in trash. Even worse, they leave a dirty trail of bug droppings! These minuscule particles can end up in our food, and then cause all sorts of serious health problems.

Once they get inside the house, it is very difficult to get rid of them. They reproduce quickly if they find good conditions to thrive in. It usually means a dark and damp place with a source of food close by. We have a few words of advice for you on how to fight these pesky critters and get them out of your home, once and for all.

Keep the cracks minimal

Keep-the-cracks-minimalRoaches are crafty, great at pushing through very small gaps. For example, many cockroaches can squeeze through a crack as thin as a coin. Even larger species like the American cockroach can find their way through space the width of a quarter. Impossibly tiny cracks are not an obstacle for a capable roach.

It is not only the fact that they are small and adaptable. They like crevices and cracks. Roaches prefer to make their homes in small spaces, surrounded by solid surfaces, preferably in contact with their bodies. They will try to move into the cracks in the floors, walls and any other narrow spaces you might have in your home, always with a tight fit. And the more cracks they can find, the more of them you can expect in your house.

Our advice is to run thorough inspections of your home to keep the number of these annoying usurpers of space at a minimum, Then start sealing up all the cracks you can find. Cracked floorboards, crevices in the walls and countertops, make sure you get them all. And pay close attention to sinks and tubs because the pipes are a great way for an infestation of roaches to enter. Use a stopper and block them off.

Baking soda

Baking-SodaOne more cool and natural technique to exterminate roaches is baking soda. Prepare a mixture of baking soda and something sweet like honey or sugar and make sure you mix it all together as best as you can. It is to prevent the roaches from eating it. Just leave the bait where the critters can nibble at it and wait for them to turn over on their backs.

Roach traps

Safe roach traps have been around for a while now. Use these clever devices to lure the roaches inside, and you can then safely dispose of them. The traps will not kill the bugs, just trap them so that they cannot get out. For bait, you can use a simple piece of bread or a potato chip. Once the trap fills up, toss it in the trash and get another one. Position them at strategic places, and you will soon be on your way to living in a roach-free home.