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Creative Ways Of Dealing With Termites

Even the most beautiful homes can turn into a dreadful state when the termites get the hold of it. Solving the problem with termites is often very difficult, and to solve this delicate situation effectively, you may want to inform yourself of the ways in which that can be achieved. Some advice is always welcomed, and today we will show you some creative ways in which you will be able to find the real cause of your problems, as well as to deal with it in the best possible way.

Are The Termites To Blame For The Infestation?

To deal with the termite infestation, you have to be certain that it is termites you are dealing with. Often people will not pinpoint the cause of the problems precisely, because some pests may resemble each other. At the same time, it is very important for you to find the reason behind your problem sooner rather than later because later on the pests could be swarming in larger numbers, which you definitely would want to avoid at all costs. Some obvious clues will point you the right way, even though sometimes the termite issue might resemble the ant issue, for example.

Why Are Ants So Similar To Termites?

Both swarms of ants and termites look very much alike, and both can have mud tubes. However, to make certain that it is termites that you are dealing with, you should inspect woodwork that termites enjoy to munch on, unlike the ants. Probing the places that you think might be infested can be done with a simple screwdriver that will allow you to closer examine the wood.

How To Get Permanently Rid Of Termites

Several ways will allow you to get permanently rid of termites and once and for all put a stop to this dreadful infestation. Of course, the easiest way is to call pest control that will make sure that you never have to deal with termites again, but if you are not keen on using their services, there are also other creative ways to go about this problem.

A Barrier

Placing a barrier which will keep termites away is undoubtedly less effective than using the pest control services, but if you are into making alternative solutions, this is it. That being said, this can be rather effective if the whole house is not termite infested, but rather a part that you can safely isolate and allow the termites to end their natural cycle.

Getting Rid Of The Infested Wood

Another safe and creative way to get rid of termites is definitely to get rid of the infested wood. If it is possible and if you do not feel sorry for throwing away the infested cabinet, for example, it is a perfect solution, which guarantees that the problem will not resurface. It is perhaps expensive on the budget, but you do not need to be infested furniture in your home.

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Preventing pest issues through creative solutions

Pests exist to ruin your life and wanting to exterminate them is nothing to be ashamed of. But some pests aren’t just small insects whose destruction won’t affect you in any way. Some of them are larger animals (dogs, cats) and some might find it hard to kill them.

Exterminators will try to finish the job as fast as possible and exterminate everything found in the area where pests are located. This kind of approach causes deaths of insects and animals that have positive effects on the environment. If you don’t agree with that policy, then you can repel those pests alone with some creative solutions that will be listed here.

Organics as an effective pest control solutions

pest control solutionsThe usage of organics in the repelling of various pests has been a thing for several centuries. You can drive away insects with different plants, acids or other components and their combinations. One excellent thing about this is that the solution you apply only affects the targeted animal rather than having an area effect.

Organic pest control uses the combination of plants and their derivatives, barriers and some hygienic activities to deter and exterminate pests. For example, the combination of a wall on small entryways and boric acid will drive away ants that try to find a way into your house. Keeping the floor and other surfaces clear will also deter ants as there won’t be anything for them to eat.

Cockroaches are one huge problem which can be solved with a clever combination of biology and chemistry. Glue traps are excellent for the location of nests while boric acid will drive them away from areas where you pour it. Chrysanthemum flower extract will kill cockroaches just seconds after they come in contact with it.

Slugs won’t cause inconvenience to your everyday life in the house, but they will wreak havoc in the garden. Picking them up manually is one way to get rid of slugs but those that hate it can set slug traps. Creating a barrier is also an effective way to prevent slugs and snails from reaching your garden.

Prevention beats intervention

Preventing pests from entering your property is better than having to deal with them. No extermination company will do this because their source of income is the extermination, not prevention.
Creating barriers is the easiest way to repel animals. A highly dense fence will prevent bigger animals from entering your property while several inches of a barrier on the ground will prevent slugs and other similar animals from coming in.

Placing dense nets on windows will save you a lot of money on dealing with pests that enter in that way. Those nets are nearly invisible, and they won’t spoil the look of the house.
Take the matter in your hands

Don’t waste money on professional exterminators if you can deal with pests without professional help. This will save you a lot of cash. In particular cases, termites, for example, it’s wiser to spend money and let professionals do what they do best.


Termite Prevention: Top Tips

Termites are nasty little creatures which can wreck your home very quickly. Many people call them the „silent destroyers.“ It is because they act quietly, secretly, undercover, and you may not even notice the infestation before it is too late. They feed on organic, cellulose-based plant material and many houses are completely built of wood. Therefore, they are a perfect source of food for termites.

There are thousands of species of termites which thrive in damp, dry or subterranean wood. Scientifically, they are labeled as detrivores, because they feed on dead material like plants and trees. Cellulose provides them energy and nutrients. Most feed on dead wood, but there are types of termites which feed on living plants.

Keeping your home termite-free is crucial if you want to avoid structural damage and deterioration. Since termites do their business silently, sometimes it is very hard to spot them. And, often, it can be too late to react, and repairs can be very costly. There are several things you can do to prevent termite infestations. It boils down to two major processes: identifying termite colonies and treating them and preventing termites from entering your house.

Prevention tips

To avoid termite attacks, you should contact a termite expert who will, in regular periods of time, inspect your home and check for possible invasions and identify possible threats. Also, you should cooperate with the expert so that spots with any excess moisture are identified. You should check for places where the wooden parts of the house come into contact with the ground. The expert will advise on typical preventive methods like bait and monitoring systems, direct treatment of the wooden structure and so on.

Preventing subterranean termite invasions

Termites-invasionsYou should try to identify all possible points of entry. For example, gaps around water pipelines and gas lines are a perfect gate for termites. Seal these gaps so the critters cannot gain access. Subterranean termites love the places where wood meets the ground. Try to have as little of these contact points as possible. Besides this, you should treat all these areas with termiticide.

Furthermore, try to remove any food source termites can find. Any cellulose material you have sitting around your house, outhouses or backyard should go straight to waste. Take care that wood is not in direct contact with the ground. Also, reduce moisture as much as you can and make sure that there is no water pooling, leaky plumbings or faulty gutters.

Preventing dry wood termite invasions

Dry-wood-termiteTreat any cracks in exterior dry wood with appropriate sealants. All cracks, joints, crevices and holes need to be tightly sealed. A good trick is to regularly paint your home because paint seals up the tiniest of holes. If you find any dead wood in your yard, remove it from the premises, so the termites have no food sources. Finally, keep an eye out for possible invasions by regular inspection all the wooden parts of your homes’ structure. Wood shingles are an especially vulnerable part of your home. Consult an expert for ways how to protect your roofing because it can be a highway for termites.