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Preventing And Fighting Rodent Invasions

Many people consider pests like mice and rats repulsive and disgusting. And they have a good right to do so. Rats and mice are a genuine health hazard. They can carry viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms and pathogens which can present serious threats to human health. For example, one of the reasons the bubonic plague had such an impact is rats. They were the main carrier of the disease.

If you happen to live in neighborhoods which have rodent issues, you should learn several techniques to defend your home against them. Mice and rats will seek for warm places to hide, especially in the cold winter nights. Some people even reported rats coming into the house through the toilet. Keep reading to find out how to fight against an all-out rodent attack, but also how to implement preventive measures.

Search for any sign of presence

Rodent-presenceIn general, mice will stay away from people and keep clear of apartments and houses. They are mostly interested in the food they can find there, and as long as they can find a good entry point, they will keep coming for more. The most obvious signs of rodent presence are the droppings, the tiny, pointy balls smaller than a grain of rice, and the characteristic „rub marks“ on walls. It is due to their oily fur which leaves the marks. As far as rats go, their dropping is a little bigger, about the size of a penny (in length).

Rats will, in most cases, stay away from apartments and stick to basements and garages. Only if they are very hungry, desperate for food, they will enter a home. The construction business is rat disturbers: when there is construction underway, you can expect rats to emerge. You will also find larger groups near schools and restaurants because they are attracted to the food in the trash.

Check your home for possible entry points

Be on the look out for any cracks and crevices. It is amazing how small the hole can be for a rodent to ho through. Patch up all the holes, so you do not see any light coming through. Because that is all, it takes when it comes to size: if you see a ray of light, a mouse will be able to squeeze through. Take special care when inspecting doors, windows, plumbing, electrical wires and so on.

The right sealants for the job

SteelMany DIY solutions advise using steel wool or caulk. But let us tell you right now, avoid these materials. Experts keep saying that these materials are not suitable due to the simple fact that rats and mice can move steel wool and even chew through it. It is much better to use cement and metal wire mesh. One more thing to keep in mind is that wooden floors have a tendency to move and swell, meaning the holes get bigger and the steel wool is easier to move. Experts always use steel mesh, sheet metal, and plastic. This way the obstacle is firmly in place and the rats do not have any way to move it.