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How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home: Top Tips

We all know how annoying rodent infestations are. All those dirty little critters are running around and leaving a mess in your house. Not to mention the health hazard they present. Mice and rats carry all kinds of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Pest control companies are always a good solution, but sometimes they are unavailable, do not do the job right and are often expensive.

Here you will find information on how to tackle a rodent infestation and how to keep your home clean of mice and rats. There are effective methods you can use to make your home a rodent-free zone. Keep reading, and we will tell you about a few tips on what to take note of.


Keep your home clean. It means your basement too. Rats love to sneak into the basement when you leave something interesting for them, like food. They will also nest in the debris you leave there, like old clothes and blankets, where they will feel warm. The food you have at your home should be out of access to rodents, that is a definite must. Also, clean any signs of dirt and clutter.

Traps and baits do not get the job done

Setting traps will only be a temporary solution. If you happen to trap and kill 5 or 6 mice, you can expect more of them. It is not rare for mice to build families of up to 30 little critters. The more important job is to seal all the entry points in the building. Otherwise, the pests will keep on returning.

Cats are useless

CatA cat is a hunter, yes. But it can only do so much, just like a single trap. And there are scared and lazy cats which will not be interested in hunting rodents. A good cat will be able to catch a few mice, but this will not solve your infestation problem.

Higher stories are safer than first floors

Yes, it is true that tenants living higher up do not experience as much rodent trouble as the people near the ground, but this does not mean rats cannot get up there. Remember, these animals are athletic, nimble and determined. They are driven by hunger, in most cases, and they will explore the upper floors with ease. Mice can set up a nest high above the ground and create their colonies on upper floors.

Consult an expert

It is always a wise choice. But we recommend using a specialist when renovating or buying an apartment in an old building. The expert will check the basement of the building to see for signs of infestations. He will help you to spot and seal any cracks when renovating your apartments. Also, when you are refurbishing your kitchen or bathroom, the expert will be able to treat the gaps in the plumbing and the wiring professionally. Hiring an expert is always good when all things considered because you will have a long term solution.