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Plant-Eaters And How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally

All of us who have or have had a garden know how annoying pests are. Snails, potato bugs, tomato worms and many other kinds of annoying little creatures which want to make their homes in your garden. One solution, of course, is to spend hours and hours in your garden and pluck all these vile invaders one by one. Pesticides are another way but can be aggressive and harmful for other plants, but also for humans.

So you do not want to exterminate more than just one target, but still, want to be effective and clean up your garden of the invading pests? There are natural and efficient methods to take care of this problem, without having to use chemicals like pesticides.

Hot peppers

Hot-peppersIF you happen to own a garden and love hot, spicy meals, you must already have a hot pepper plant growing. Then you have all the ingredients right in front of you. This pest remedy works great; you just have to prepare the right solution so you can spray it all over your plants. Take a good handful of the hottest peppers you have and boil them up. Then strain the liquid into a spray bottle and work your magic. Our advice is to wear glasses and glove while you do this. Trust us; you do not want this thing in your eyes.

If you cannot get any hot peppers, ground cayenne pepper will work well, too. Mix it up with an onion and some garlic and prepare the same boiled solution. If slugs are your problem, spread some coffee beans around the base of the plants under attack.


It is a delicious root which you can use in many kinds of meals. But the good taste we enjoy does not mean insects love it too. Ants and many other pests simply hate turmeric and will keep away from it. Find yourself some powdered turmeric and sprinkle it around the base of the plants you want to protect. You can also dilute the powder in some water and spray it on the plants.


EggshellsIt might sound weird, but slugs and snails and other slimy, unwanted guests will keep away from eggshells. Break them up and toss them around your garden and slugs will stay away because they will not want to crawl on top of the sharp edges of crushed egg shells.

Diatomaceous Earth

DE is a great, already prepared solution for your infested garden. DE is a sedimentary rock, crushed up into tiny particles, a soft powder to be exact. When insects or other pests eat some of the powder, it dehydrates them, leading to their deaths.

Banana or orange peels


Keep the peels of the bananas you eat. There is a good use for them. Cut up the banana peels and bury them a few inches below the surface, just around the areas you want to protect or the plants that are affected. If you are going for orange peels, you can even make a spray of them or just spread them around your garden.