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Simple tricks to outwit pests in your home

When talking about any pests, people usually get the association of the ugly invaders. Not to analyze deeper the concept of “ugly,” the fact is that most pests have the capacity to cause different damage to your property, threat your health and reproduce extremely fast all over your house. You should keep them away from your home, but this is not so easy as it sounds obvious. Unless you’re an expert, well-educated and familiar with specific details about the habit of different pests, you won’t even think of many ways pests can sneak into your house. Before you face invasion and the need to call for professional help, use these simple tricks and interventions to prevent pests from even aiming at your home.

Exterior interventions – prevent pests from entering home

Pests have amazing ability to sneak through incredible ways you would never think of. You might scan your backyard and conclude that it’s clean and pest-free enough, but if you look deeper a bit into exterior walls, cracked wooden constructions, windows, gutters, and roof, you’ll a whole world living there hidden from your plain sight. These places are the potential entrance for pests into your house, so try to intervene here. Keep your backyard clean and regularly maintained. Fix cracks in doors and windows, various gaps, and cluttered gutters. Remove piles of fallen leaves and drain stale water.

Interior interventions – make your home less attractive to pests

The truth is that you can do your best to keep them away from your home, but pests can always find their way into the house. Once they’re in, the best preventive method is to do several tricks and deprive them of food and shelter inside your house. It will make your house less attractive to these invaders. Now, observe your premises in details and try to think of all the potential sources of food, shelter, and conditions for reproduction pests could use and remove them. First of all, keep your indoors clean, regularly vacuumed and polished. Further, do not leave any food or traces of food on the floor and easily reachable places.

Keep in mind that rats, cockroaches, and other pests are capable of chew through the cartoon boxes and various packings, so store your ingredients in the kitchen in metal or plastic boxes. Remove any form of piled up paper, old dusted stuff and organic material at the humid places.

Not all pests are your enemies

It probably sounds awful and scary, but supporting food chain is a natural best way of controlling pests’ reproduction inside your house. One of the most frequent mistakes people make is killing spiders. They might scare you, but they rarely harm you, and they are quite useful pest exterminators. Think of that before you slap another one next time. Having a cat as a pet is useful as well since cats don’t only eat mice, as commonly believed, but various other forms of insects.


Rats As The Most Difficult Pest To Destroy

The most important thing when it comes to healthy environment is a proper and trustworthy pest solutions control. To be the best in a fight against the pest you need to be well familiar with your enemies in this case with rodents, spiders, ants and other unwanted visitors of your house. The best way to prepare yourself is to hire professionals. The proper team will be great solutions for all your pest issues. With their experience and knowledge, you will soon get rid of these persistent enemies. As we mentioned, you need to know all about them. Who are they? What is their food and what are the conditions that help them grow and make an infestation.

Rodents and something about them

Rodents are usually the worst nightmare of every host. You probably didn’t know that they are nearly blind and they rely on their sense of touch. It is probably the main reasons why they are seeking for the darker area. Basically, all others senses are much more developed than a sense of sight.

When it comes to their behavior, we can say that they are pretty much nocturnal and they feed at night, during the day they usually sleep. I you notice them; you can be assured this is a sign of a large infestation. In self-defense purpose they usually are inactive.

What are rodents feeding habits?

Rodents-controlIn most cases, they combine grains, fruits, meats, grains and a lot of other things. Basically, they are not very picky, and in most cases, they are eating food items they encounter. They also like to collect food, and for example, one rat’s hoard can have enough food to last them for weeks. Pregnant females will build up a large food supply in their nests.

Hierarchy among rodents

The interesting fact about rodents is the fact that they also have a hierarchy that they respect a lot. The most dominant rodents are the lucky ones, and they always get the food the first. After them the rest if the hoard gets leftovers.

The good thing to now about rats if you want to eradicate is the fact that they are neo-phobic and they practically dislike new things. So here is the idea how to destroy them. Make some innovative thing that will disturb their daily routine, and you will force them to move. Still, do not underestimate their power and be aware they are very persistent little creatures.

Capabilities of an average rat

Average-ratThey are tough little creatures, and they can jump about 2feet vertically from a standstill or 3.5 feet if they are already running. Thus they are excellent swimmers. They are more than difficult to destroy, and we can say that they are more than the tough enemy. They can also climb better than cats. All these qualities and far more make them as one of the most difficult species to destroy. The smartest move that you can make is to call someone more experienced than you who has better equipment and methods.