Simple tricks to outwit pests in your home

When talking about any pests, people usually get the association of the ugly invaders. Not to analyze deeper the concept of “ugly,” the fact is that most pests have the capacity to cause different damage to your property, threat your health and reproduce extremely fast all over your house. You should keep them away from your home, but this is not so easy as it sounds obvious. Unless you’re an expert, well-educated and familiar with specific details about the habit of different pests, you won’t even think of many ways pests can sneak into your house. Before you face invasion and the need to call for professional help, use these simple tricks and interventions to prevent pests from even aiming at your home.

Exterior interventions – prevent pests from entering home

Pests have amazing ability to sneak through incredible ways you would never think of. You might scan your backyard and conclude that it’s clean and pest-free enough, but if you look deeper a bit into exterior walls, cracked wooden constructions, windows, gutters, and roof, you’ll a whole world living there hidden from your plain sight. These places are the potential entrance for pests into your house, so try to intervene here. Keep your backyard clean and regularly maintained. Fix cracks in doors and windows, various gaps, and cluttered gutters. Remove piles of fallen leaves and drain stale water.

Interior interventions – make your home less attractive to pests

The truth is that you can do your best to keep them away from your home, but pests can always find their way into the house. Once they’re in, the best preventive method is to do several tricks and deprive them of food and shelter inside your house. It will make your house less attractive to these invaders. Now, observe your premises in details and try to think of all the potential sources of food, shelter, and conditions for reproduction pests could use and remove them. First of all, keep your indoors clean, regularly vacuumed and polished. Further, do not leave any food or traces of food on the floor and easily reachable places.

Keep in mind that rats, cockroaches, and other pests are capable of chew through the cartoon boxes and various packings, so store your ingredients in the kitchen in metal or plastic boxes. Remove any form of piled up paper, old dusted stuff and organic material at the humid places.

Not all pests are your enemies

It probably sounds awful and scary, but supporting food chain is a natural best way of controlling pests’ reproduction inside your house. One of the most frequent mistakes people make is killing spiders. They might scare you, but they rarely harm you, and they are quite useful pest exterminators. Think of that before you slap another one next time. Having a cat as a pet is useful as well since cats don’t only eat mice, as commonly believed, but various other forms of insects.

Recipes for creative DIY ways to get rid of pests

These ugly or annoying or harmful creatures live everywhere around us, and the spring and summertime are their favorite times to reproduce and invade. Aside from the fact that pests create the impression of dirty inside our home, they cause various damage to your property, might pollute your food, spread infectious diseases, and many other issues. If you’re planning to spend some quality time outdoors, throw backyard party for your friends, armies of pests might attack and spoil the party a big time. Here are some clever, creative and rather simple to construct methods to repel them effectively.

Simple trick to exterminate ants

You’d be surprised to see such obvious results with such simple method created with the items you probably already have somewhere in the house. You are going to need sugar, jar or any dish, warm water and boric acid. The last one can be purchased at any drug store, in the case you lack it. Mix sugar with boric acid in a dish or jar and fill warm water almost to the top. Mix it well, so it becomes completely liquid. Further, use pieces of cotton cloth to soak it with mixed solution.

Cosmetic pads may come handy as well. Once the cotton pads are soak completely, place them on any lid or shallow dish and leave at the strategic place where you have spotted most of the invaders. Wait for few days. You’ll observe dozens of ants drinking this solution after the smell attracts them, then taking it back to their colony and spreading the boric acid over there that will kill all of them efficiently.

Sticky tapes against the flies

It’s hard to imagine lazy summer days without dozens of flies around annoying, making irritating noise and above all, threating your health when flying around and touching your food. Flypaper strips are a well-known idea, quite efficient and available in most stores. However, these sticky paper strips are plain and simple – creepy. They are creepy even before dozens of flies start dying stuck to them. But the mechanism is efficient and should be used. Here’s a modified, better solution.

Get a paper bag and cut it into few strips. Punch or cut out a hole at one end of each strip and pull the string or twine through it to hang it. Melt sugar or honey on the stove and mix it with hot water to get the sticky lining for the strips. Apply sticky solution on both sides of each strip. If you use designed colorful paper bag, homemade flypapers will look even more attractive.

Eggs work as a natural pest repellent

Use eggshells to fight pests in your backyard and get a chance to spent time outdoors without these invaders. Smash several eggshells and spill pieces over the grass. These pieces act like pieces of glass, cutting snails and snakes and lizard, preventing them from hanging around your garden. At first, you’ll have to get rid of dead snails and lizards, but later they’ll just learn to avoid your backyard.

Handy DIY trick for repelling pests

Scenes and sights of refreshed nature during springtime are breathtaking and inspire to pack necessary stuff and leave for a free, unleashed trip. Or at least to refresh and clean your backyard and spend the majority of your spare time outside. However, there’s a bug (literally) that might spoil your impression and a rare moment of carefreeness. Springtime is a time when dozens of different pests invade the picture. Aside from the fact that pests might ruin your pleasure, they might also crawl into your home through the weirdest cracks and entrances you’d never think of.
Mosquitos are capable of pushing your buttons till the point you give up spending time outdoor, and if you find pests disgusting, the chances are you won’t even try to reject them, you’ll run away. The fact is that you should use just a little bit of creativity and commonly available materials to create quite simple ways to defend yourself and the premises of your home. Read the brief rundown of creative do – it – yourself examples and try to apply them at home.

Repel pests directly off yourself

Instead of walking around, searching for them and applying various methods of extermination, protect yourself directly. There are different sorts of essential oils you can purchase easily and apply them onto your skin to reject mosquitos and other insects. The more creative way is to take the time to plat with this method. For example, use any of these essential oils and soak your jewelry into it, creating a bug-rejecting accessory that will protect you and function as a decorative detail.

Eggshells against slugs and snails

Slugs are disgusting to many people, and snakes frighten most people. Both can be effectively rejected and pushed away off your backyard by amazingly simple trick. After making eggs for breakfast, simply don’t throw away the eggshells. Scatter these pieces across places where slugs usually appear in your garden and this tough terrain you’ve created will keep them away successfully. The same works for snakes quite solid.

Mason jar full of fruit flies

Flies and fruit flies are annoying, potentially infectious and bring a certain level of dirt into your living space. Use a common mason jar, fill it with various juice or syrup or honey and place the paper cup at the top. The smell and essence of sugar will attract them successfully, and the paper cup will direct them straight into the jar. Once you catch too many of them, empty the jar and re-use it.

Outwit the whole colony of ants

Don’t even bother with killing one after another ant that shows inside your house; it’s a waste of time. Be clever, apply this simple trick and get rid of the whole colony. Dissolve sugar into any dish. Use a cosmetic pad and soak it with liquid sugar or juice. Place the soaked pad into another shallow dish and place the dish somewhere near the common spot where ants gather. Be patient for few days and watch ants “workers” taking pieces of sugar back to the “headquarters.” Follow them and smash the whole colony.

Amazing homemade remedies for pest control

When faced with serious pest invasion in your house or backyard, the best is to handle the situation to the professionals and pest control companies. However, when it comes to effective prevention of pests inhabiting your home or dealing with small invasion, you can handle it yourself by using these simple homemade remedies. All of them can be easily created with the common household items you probably possess already somewhere in your residence. Explore the ideas, be creative and provide yourself pest-free environment to enjoy your everyday life inside and outside your home.

Garlic and mint for pest-free garden

Protecting your greens and flowers in the backyard from various pests will also protect your indoors from the invasion of these pests. Use garlic cloves and several mint leaves. Cut and mix them in the blender, add pepper and detergent. Boil this solution on the stove and let it be for few hours. Use any empty spray bottle you got in your home to spray your flowers and plants in the backyard and repel the pests with this effective solution.

Sweet poison for ants in your house

These invaders are punctual, springtime is the time of their comeback every year unless you back them off once for good and free yourself from the whole ant colony till the end of the season. The well-known efficient method is to mix boric acid and sugar with warm water and to place it in some shallow dish or lid. The ant hanging around will sense it, gravitate towards this sweet poisoned meal and take it back to their colony center. Within few days, you won’t see them anymore.

Plan B for fighting ants

One thing you probably have in your home any time a day is a certain amount of coffee grounds. Scatter some of these around troubling places and areas across the house and watch ants leave your premises within few days. Unlike you, pests are not true lovers of coffee.

Simple tricks against greenfly

Peel few bananas and cut peel into small pieces. Push pieces under the superficial soil layer. Bananas are toxic to greenflies, but add useful nutrients to the soil around your plants in the backyard. Also, greenflies prefer dark. Thus they live on the surface of the underside of leaves. If you place strips of aluminum foil on the ground around your plants, this will reflect sunlight onto this side of the leaves too and repel greenflies efficiently.

A bit more aggressive pest control

For slightly more “spiced up” pest control in your garden use chopped peppers. Cut several fresh peppers into pieces and boil them in water for half an hour. You can add few drop of detergent to make soap out of the solution and use a spray bottle to splash it over your plants and grass. This solution is aggressive and toxic to many pest species, and it will efficiently exterminate them from your garden, protecting your indoors at the same time from pest invasion.

Why Are We So Afraid Of Creepy Crawlies And How You Can Get Rid Of Them Yourself

Getting rid of pests in your home is essential for your well-being, and if you have ever been pondering on the pest subject then make sure you read this article through and through, because the information you are about to read is invaluable!

Why Are People Afraid Of Pests?

We share our existence on this planet with many other beings; it is just that we do not want pests in our home. Pests are often associated with disease and filth, which is probably a fear which is reasonable and founded in the fact that many pests can carry various diseases. Still, our rational or irrational fears of pests should not stop us from finding a solution to this problem. If you are not interested in using the services of pest control, here are some invaluable ideas that might help.

Setting Up A Trap

Depending on the type of pest that you are dealing with, you will need to use a different kind of trap. Many traps will allow you to capture the pests and get rid of them. For example, if you are having problems with cockroaches you can use the glass jar filled with ground coffee and water. Cockroaches are particularly fond of the smell of coffee. Still, they are not capable of getting out of the water with closed pores which does not allow them to breathe. This simple solution will help you solve your problem in an easy, yet effective way. Many other pests besides cockroaches can be trapped by using different kinds of traps, but this one example does show you how it is possible.

Natural Solutions As Pest Repellents

You do not have to use strong chemicals as pest repellents, since there are many smells that pests cannot think of, such as citrus or tea tree oil. Finding the right natural repellent could be the way to keep the pests away from your home and prevent them from roaming around.

Take Care Of Hygiene And Inspect Your Home Closely

Taking care of hygiene in your home will help you prevent pests from swarming or getting inside your home. Also, it is necessary that you inspect your home closely and make sure that you spot early on some issues with pests that you will then be able to treat. If you leave these problems unattended to, it might escalate and become a real disaster. Taking really good care of your home is imperative if you want to make your home free of pests.

Food Issues

The majority of pests will attack your home if there are no natural predators and the food is readily available. Do not leave food or crumbs or scrapes of food laying around or you might be inviting the pests to your home. Also, some pests feast on wood, so give that thought before you put large quantities of wood somewhere in your home.

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Pests With Alternative Solutions?

Many people are against using strong chemicals or services of the pest control to deal with pests in their home, but what chances and options do that decision leave you with? Is it even possible to get rid of pests of various sorts and kinds without the help of pest control? Learning more about pests is essential, but some creativity is crucial as well. Find out more about pests and how you can stop them from pestering and invading your home and your life.

Creativity Is Necessary If You Do Not Want To Call The Pest Control

If you are not a fan of pest control, then it might be the right time to put your thinking cap on! There are creative ways to get rid of pests, but which ones you will use is down to you. From various solutions and naturally diluted cleaning agents to various sorts of traps – the options are endless. However, this also means that you will have to do a little bit of research for the pest that you want to get rid of.

Different Solutions For Different Kinds Of Pests

That is of course because different kinds of pests will require different treatment. You can get rid of mice by getting a cat, but it will be ineffective for your termite problem. Also, some problems with pests might look very similar, so before you try to resolve the situation, you first have to make sure that it is a certain type of pests you are dealing with and not something that only seems similar. Sometimes people will think that they have a termite issue, whereas, in fact, they have ants or vice versa; since these two pests look so much alike at larvae stages.

Pests Thrive In Homes Such As This One

Also, you may be wondering what it is about your home that is so inviting to the pests? Namely and primarily it is the easily available food. Different kinds of pests will feast on different kinds of foods, but it is essential to deprive pests of readily available food if you want to get rid of them. For some, it might be the wood, for others, it is human food or food waste that is particularly appealing. Keeping your home spotless and keeping your food closed and sealed might help you to find a solution to this pest situation you are dealing with.

Are Pests Harmful to Your Health?

The number one reason why people are so afraid of having pests in their home is that they are worried about the health of their family. It is safe to say that if you want to live in a healthy home, it should not be riddled with pests or infested with them. There are many ways in which you can get rid of them, so trying to do so sooner rather than later is always recommended since in time pests will only increase in numbers.

Everything You Need To Know About Cockroaches

Among many pests that may affect your home, cockroaches are probably the worst. Not only that the very sight of a cockroach would make your stomach turn, but they are probably one of the most common pests in homes that have unfortunately adapted amazingly well to the modern lifestyle of men and managed to cohabitate with people. Learning more about cockroaches might help you clear your home from them and teach you how to deal with a cockroach infestation.

Why Are There Cockroaches In My Home?

We often associate cockroaches with filthy and deteriorating homes, but the truth is that cockroaches thrive in just about any home. They are also frequent pests in supermarkets and restaurants because these places make sure that they get food and water. Cockroaches are also able to live outside, and in the sewers, so they are adaptable and can be found anywhere. Still, they prefer warm, dark and moist places. It is why they can be found in kitchens, behind appliances and behind furniture, as well as in basements and many other places.

What Do Cockroaches Eat?

Cockroaches will eat just about anything, although they have some preferences and would prefer starchy and sugary foods. They can also eat wood, books, decaying flesh, as well as any food people eat. It is why it is important not to leave food laying around because it can attract cockroaches.

When Are Cockroaches The Most Active?

Cockroaches are at the peak of their activity during the night, and since they are nocturnal animals, they go to your home when you are sleeping in search of food and mates. This is why sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint your infestation because often people do not see cockroaches unless they get up during the night. Cockroaches also use pheromones to track their routes and this tells other cockroaches their location, so they are more than likely to gather behind an appliance or a furniture piece. Cockroaches also have this amazing ability of completely flattening their bodies which allow them to fit through the smallest cracks in the floor or the door. They are also inactive during the winter, and largely dormant during the autumn period, but they come to life in the spring and reach full activity.

Cockroaches’ Natural Predators And How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches have many natural predators: frogs, iguanas, even some kinds of wasps, but to get rid of them your best bet would be to call the pest control. Alternatively, you could try using some creative ways such as spraying Listerine solution, or Borax. There are also many traps that you can make which will lure cockroaches into a jar, but not allow them to escape. Of course, for those looking for natural remedies for this problem, you might want to use the all mighty citrus. Spraying citrus solution or cleaning your home with lemon juice will repel cockroaches since they cannot stand the citrus smell.

Things You Can Do To Start Controlling Your Pest Situation – That Do Not Involve Calling Pest Control

Controlling your pest situation might not be as difficult as you may imagine. Although many people reach out for their phone and call pest control right away, there are still ways in which you can go about the pest situation without treating your home with chemicals. Knowing these tricks will help you get the situation under control and keep it that way, so learn these tips before your home gets even more infested with all sorts of pests!

Don’t Leave Food Laying Around

Leaving your food around the house is practically an invitation for all pests, present, and future! Avoid this dreadful practice, and you will see a decrease in the number of pests you are dealing with. You have to make sure that food, nor traces of food, can be found around your home and remove all the crumbs and pieces of food that might attract pests. Also taking away the garbage will be rather helpful, as pests often treat themselves to food which is in the bin. Moreover, do not leave the dishes in the sink for longer periods of time, and remove the food from the dishes. If you mean to do your dishes at a later time, at least rinse the food off from it, so that pests cannot get to it. Your best practice would be to keep the food tightly sealed in air-sealed plastic containers that will not make it possible for pests to get to it.

Securing Your Home From Pests

Another way to deal with pests and prevent their infestation is to inform yourself on the ways in which they can approach your home and block the entry points. Placing lids on vents and sealing cracks might not sound like the ground-breaking solution you were looking for, but it can stop many pests from getting into your precious home. Usually, pests find cracks around doors and windows which they use to enter your home, and by sealing these, you are making your home a lot more pest-proof that you would think!

Getting A Cat Could Be The Trick In Your Hat

If the home is taken over by pests and you still do not think of hiring pest control to help you out, you might want to think of getting a natural enemy to solve this problem for you. If you think there are mice or rats in your home, getting a cat could very well solve your problem.

What Can We Do About Termites?

Many people have termite issues, but they still fail to realize that the majority of the problem was brought to them by their behavior. Do not leave wood laying around and if you see an infested wood make sure that you get rid of it. Termites thrive off wood and are notoriously difficult to get rid of; this is why it is important to remember not to leave wood laying around.

Creative Ways Of Dealing With Termites

Even the most beautiful homes can turn into a dreadful state when the termites get the hold of it. Solving the problem with termites is often very difficult, and to solve this delicate situation effectively, you may want to inform yourself of the ways in which that can be achieved. Some advice is always welcomed, and today we will show you some creative ways in which you will be able to find the real cause of your problems, as well as to deal with it in the best possible way.

Are The Termites To Blame For The Infestation?

To deal with the termite infestation, you have to be certain that it is termites you are dealing with. Often people will not pinpoint the cause of the problems precisely, because some pests may resemble each other. At the same time, it is very important for you to find the reason behind your problem sooner rather than later because later on the pests could be swarming in larger numbers, which you definitely would want to avoid at all costs. Some obvious clues will point you the right way, even though sometimes the termite issue might resemble the ant issue, for example.

Why Are Ants So Similar To Termites?

Both swarms of ants and termites look very much alike, and both can have mud tubes. However, to make certain that it is termites that you are dealing with, you should inspect woodwork that termites enjoy to munch on, unlike the ants. Probing the places that you think might be infested can be done with a simple screwdriver that will allow you to closer examine the wood.

How To Get Permanently Rid Of Termites

Several ways will allow you to get permanently rid of termites and once and for all put a stop to this dreadful infestation. Of course, the easiest way is to call pest control that will make sure that you never have to deal with termites again, but if you are not keen on using their services, there are also other creative ways to go about this problem.

A Barrier

Placing a barrier which will keep termites away is undoubtedly less effective than using the pest control services, but if you are into making alternative solutions, this is it. That being said, this can be rather effective if the whole house is not termite infested, but rather a part that you can safely isolate and allow the termites to end their natural cycle.

Getting Rid Of The Infested Wood

Another safe and creative way to get rid of termites is definitely to get rid of the infested wood. If it is possible and if you do not feel sorry for throwing away the infested cabinet, for example, it is a perfect solution, which guarantees that the problem will not resurface. It is perhaps expensive on the budget, but you do not need to be infested furniture in your home.

pest prevention

Preventing pest issues through creative solutions

Pests exist to ruin your life and wanting to exterminate them is nothing to be ashamed of. But some pests aren’t just small insects whose destruction won’t affect you in any way. Some of them are larger animals (dogs, cats) and some might find it hard to kill them.

Exterminators will try to finish the job as fast as possible and exterminate everything found in the area where pests are located. This kind of approach causes deaths of insects and animals that have positive effects on the environment. If you don’t agree with that policy, then you can repel those pests alone with some creative solutions that will be listed here.

Organics as an effective pest control solutions

pest control solutionsThe usage of organics in the repelling of various pests has been a thing for several centuries. You can drive away insects with different plants, acids or other components and their combinations. One excellent thing about this is that the solution you apply only affects the targeted animal rather than having an area effect.

Organic pest control uses the combination of plants and their derivatives, barriers and some hygienic activities to deter and exterminate pests. For example, the combination of a wall on small entryways and boric acid will drive away ants that try to find a way into your house. Keeping the floor and other surfaces clear will also deter ants as there won’t be anything for them to eat.

Cockroaches are one huge problem which can be solved with a clever combination of biology and chemistry. Glue traps are excellent for the location of nests while boric acid will drive them away from areas where you pour it. Chrysanthemum flower extract will kill cockroaches just seconds after they come in contact with it.

Slugs won’t cause inconvenience to your everyday life in the house, but they will wreak havoc in the garden. Picking them up manually is one way to get rid of slugs but those that hate it can set slug traps. Creating a barrier is also an effective way to prevent slugs and snails from reaching your garden.

Prevention beats intervention

Preventing pests from entering your property is better than having to deal with them. No extermination company will do this because their source of income is the extermination, not prevention.
Creating barriers is the easiest way to repel animals. A highly dense fence will prevent bigger animals from entering your property while several inches of a barrier on the ground will prevent slugs and other similar animals from coming in.

Placing dense nets on windows will save you a lot of money on dealing with pests that enter in that way. Those nets are nearly invisible, and they won’t spoil the look of the house.
Take the matter in your hands

Don’t waste money on professional exterminators if you can deal with pests without professional help. This will save you a lot of cash. In particular cases, termites, for example, it’s wiser to spend money and let professionals do what they do best.