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Amazing homemade remedies for pest control

When faced with serious pest invasion in your house or backyard, the best is to handle the situation to the professionals and pest control companies. However, when it comes to effective prevention of pests inhabiting your home or dealing with small invasion, you can handle it yourself by using these simple homemade remedies. All of them can be easily created with the common household items you probably possess already somewhere in your residence. Explore the ideas, be creative and provide yourself pest-free environment to enjoy your everyday life inside and outside your home.

Garlic and mint for pest-free garden

Protecting your greens and flowers in the backyard from various pests will also protect your indoors from the invasion of these pests. Use garlic cloves and several mint leaves. Cut and mix them in the blender, add pepper and detergent. Boil this solution on the stove and let it be for few hours. Use any empty spray bottle you got in your home to spray your flowers and plants in the backyard and repel the pests with this effective solution.

Sweet poison for ants in your house

These invaders are punctual, springtime is the time of their comeback every year unless you back them off once for good and free yourself from the whole ant colony till the end of the season. The well-known efficient method is to mix boric acid and sugar with warm water and to place it in some shallow dish or lid. The ant hanging around will sense it, gravitate towards this sweet poisoned meal and take it back to their colony center. Within few days, you won’t see them anymore.

Plan B for fighting ants

One thing you probably have in your home any time a day is a certain amount of coffee grounds. Scatter some of these around troubling places and areas across the house and watch ants leave your premises within few days. Unlike you, pests are not true lovers of coffee.

Simple tricks against greenfly

Peel few bananas and cut peel into small pieces. Push pieces under the superficial soil layer. Bananas are toxic to greenflies, but add useful nutrients to the soil around your plants in the backyard. Also, greenflies prefer dark. Thus they live on the surface of the underside of leaves. If you place strips of aluminum foil on the ground around your plants, this will reflect sunlight onto this side of the leaves too and repel greenflies efficiently.

A bit more aggressive pest control

For slightly more “spiced up” pest control in your garden use chopped peppers. Cut several fresh peppers into pieces and boil them in water for half an hour. You can add few drop of detergent to make soap out of the solution and use a spray bottle to splash it over your plants and grass. This solution is aggressive and toxic to many pest species, and it will efficiently exterminate them from your garden, protecting your indoors at the same time from pest invasion.