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pest prevention

Preventing pest issues through creative solutions

Pests exist to ruin your life and wanting to exterminate them is nothing to be ashamed of. But some pests aren’t just small insects whose destruction won’t affect you in any way. Some of them are larger animals (dogs, cats) and some might find it hard to kill them.

Exterminators will try to finish the job as fast as possible and exterminate everything found in the area where pests are located. This kind of approach causes deaths of insects and animals that have positive effects on the environment. If you don’t agree with that policy, then you can repel those pests alone with some creative solutions that will be listed here.

Organics as an effective pest control solutions

pest control solutionsThe usage of organics in the repelling of various pests has been a thing for several centuries. You can drive away insects with different plants, acids or other components and their combinations. One excellent thing about this is that the solution you apply only affects the targeted animal rather than having an area effect.

Organic pest control uses the combination of plants and their derivatives, barriers and some hygienic activities to deter and exterminate pests. For example, the combination of a wall on small entryways and boric acid will drive away ants that try to find a way into your house. Keeping the floor and other surfaces clear will also deter ants as there won’t be anything for them to eat.

Cockroaches are one huge problem which can be solved with a clever combination of biology and chemistry. Glue traps are excellent for the location of nests while boric acid will drive them away from areas where you pour it. Chrysanthemum flower extract will kill cockroaches just seconds after they come in contact with it.

Slugs won’t cause inconvenience to your everyday life in the house, but they will wreak havoc in the garden. Picking them up manually is one way to get rid of slugs but those that hate it can set slug traps. Creating a barrier is also an effective way to prevent slugs and snails from reaching your garden.

Prevention beats intervention

Preventing pests from entering your property is better than having to deal with them. No extermination company will do this because their source of income is the extermination, not prevention.
Creating barriers is the easiest way to repel animals. A highly dense fence will prevent bigger animals from entering your property while several inches of a barrier on the ground will prevent slugs and other similar animals from coming in.

Placing dense nets on windows will save you a lot of money on dealing with pests that enter in that way. Those nets are nearly invisible, and they won’t spoil the look of the house.
Take the matter in your hands

Don’t waste money on professional exterminators if you can deal with pests without professional help. This will save you a lot of cash. In particular cases, termites, for example, it’s wiser to spend money and let professionals do what they do best.