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Rats As The Most Difficult Pest To Destroy

The most important thing when it comes to healthy environment is a proper and trustworthy pest solutions control. To be the best in a fight against the pest you need to be well familiar with your enemies in this case with rodents, spiders, ants and other unwanted visitors of your house. The best way to prepare yourself is to hire professionals. The proper team will be great solutions for all your pest issues. With their experience and knowledge, you will soon get rid of these persistent enemies. As we mentioned, you need to know all about them. Who are they? What is their food and what are the conditions that help them grow and make an infestation.

Rodents and something about them

Rodents are usually the worst nightmare of every host. You probably didn’t know that they are nearly blind and they rely on their sense of touch. It is probably the main reasons why they are seeking for the darker area. Basically, all others senses are much more developed than a sense of sight.

When it comes to their behavior, we can say that they are pretty much nocturnal and they feed at night, during the day they usually sleep. I you notice them; you can be assured this is a sign of a large infestation. In self-defense purpose they usually are inactive.

What are rodents feeding habits?

Rodents-controlIn most cases, they combine grains, fruits, meats, grains and a lot of other things. Basically, they are not very picky, and in most cases, they are eating food items they encounter. They also like to collect food, and for example, one rat’s hoard can have enough food to last them for weeks. Pregnant females will build up a large food supply in their nests.

Hierarchy among rodents

The interesting fact about rodents is the fact that they also have a hierarchy that they respect a lot. The most dominant rodents are the lucky ones, and they always get the food the first. After them the rest if the hoard gets leftovers.

The good thing to now about rats if you want to eradicate is the fact that they are neo-phobic and they practically dislike new things. So here is the idea how to destroy them. Make some innovative thing that will disturb their daily routine, and you will force them to move. Still, do not underestimate their power and be aware they are very persistent little creatures.

Capabilities of an average rat

Average-ratThey are tough little creatures, and they can jump about 2feet vertically from a standstill or 3.5 feet if they are already running. Thus they are excellent swimmers. They are more than difficult to destroy, and we can say that they are more than the tough enemy. They can also climb better than cats. All these qualities and far more make them as one of the most difficult species to destroy. The smartest move that you can make is to call someone more experienced than you who has better equipment and methods.


Choosing The Right Pest Control Company

Pests are all around us. They live in our cities with us, competing for the resources our surroundings provide. They look for food, water, heat and shelter and, often, they find this in our homes. Pest control is a responsible duty and professionals develop techniques and methods to fight pest infestations. The species which try to compete with humans are sometimes dangerous and present health hazards. It is why we need effective suppression methods, designed to limit the spread of one species but without harming others.

Pest management is a growing business, and many companies offer their services. Professionals service is now only a phone call away. However, the fact that there are so many companies out there can sometimes make it difficult o choose the right one. Read on for a few tips on how to find the right pest management pros.Pest-services


The first thing to pay attention to are the licenses. Professional pest control companies need appropriate company and staff licenses. These are usually under the supervision of the Environment Protection Agency or similar agencies. Avoid not registered companies because you are in danger of hiring non-qualified persons which do not operate under any standards.


Pest_control-companyAnother key component of your decision to hire a pest control company is the amount of experience the company and its employees have. Companies which operate in certain geographic areas adapt their services to most common problems they fight, meaning they become experts in exterminating native pests. Always seek to hire companies with territorial experience and, whenever possible, check out the reviews of past customers.  You can always ask for a reference list from the company.

Tactics and methods

Professional pest management companies apply the standard, recognized methods to fight pest infestations. However, they are obliged to constantly educate their staff about the latest trends and technologies in the business. For example, companies have to educate the personnel about the Integrated Pest Management tactics, or IPM. For instance, the expert has to be able to recognize the level or the intensity of the infestation. If it is a minor event, then the expert will apply simpler, cheaper and less invasive, non-chemical methods. If the infestation is too large to fight with initial, primary methods, then chemical agents will be put to use.


Finally, when considering to hire a professional pest control company, the reputation is the most important factor to consider. Assessing the reputation of a pest control business is tricky. You should consider the following rules of conduct before you make your decision. Ask a friend or a neighbor about them: word of mouth is always good. Consult Google, this always helps. Check out the online visibility of the business and scroll through the online reviews. If the previous customers are happy, this is always a good sign. In the end, check out the page rank of the official website of the company. It will usually contain a trademark and a registered monogram, meaning that the company is serious and professional.


Termite Prevention: Top Tips

Termites are nasty little creatures which can wreck your home very quickly. Many people call them the „silent destroyers.“ It is because they act quietly, secretly, undercover, and you may not even notice the infestation before it is too late. They feed on organic, cellulose-based plant material and many houses are completely built of wood. Therefore, they are a perfect source of food for termites.

There are thousands of species of termites which thrive in damp, dry or subterranean wood. Scientifically, they are labeled as detrivores, because they feed on dead material like plants and trees. Cellulose provides them energy and nutrients. Most feed on dead wood, but there are types of termites which feed on living plants.

Keeping your home termite-free is crucial if you want to avoid structural damage and deterioration. Since termites do their business silently, sometimes it is very hard to spot them. And, often, it can be too late to react, and repairs can be very costly. There are several things you can do to prevent termite infestations. It boils down to two major processes: identifying termite colonies and treating them and preventing termites from entering your house.

Prevention tips

To avoid termite attacks, you should contact a termite expert who will, in regular periods of time, inspect your home and check for possible invasions and identify possible threats. Also, you should cooperate with the expert so that spots with any excess moisture are identified. You should check for places where the wooden parts of the house come into contact with the ground. The expert will advise on typical preventive methods like bait and monitoring systems, direct treatment of the wooden structure and so on.

Preventing subterranean termite invasions

Termites-invasionsYou should try to identify all possible points of entry. For example, gaps around water pipelines and gas lines are a perfect gate for termites. Seal these gaps so the critters cannot gain access. Subterranean termites love the places where wood meets the ground. Try to have as little of these contact points as possible. Besides this, you should treat all these areas with termiticide.

Furthermore, try to remove any food source termites can find. Any cellulose material you have sitting around your house, outhouses or backyard should go straight to waste. Take care that wood is not in direct contact with the ground. Also, reduce moisture as much as you can and make sure that there is no water pooling, leaky plumbings or faulty gutters.

Preventing dry wood termite invasions

Dry-wood-termiteTreat any cracks in exterior dry wood with appropriate sealants. All cracks, joints, crevices and holes need to be tightly sealed. A good trick is to regularly paint your home because paint seals up the tiniest of holes. If you find any dead wood in your yard, remove it from the premises, so the termites have no food sources. Finally, keep an eye out for possible invasions by regular inspection all the wooden parts of your homes’ structure. Wood shingles are an especially vulnerable part of your home. Consult an expert for ways how to protect your roofing because it can be a highway for termites.



Plant-Eaters And How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally

All of us who have or have had a garden know how annoying pests are. Snails, potato bugs, tomato worms and many other kinds of annoying little creatures which want to make their homes in your garden. One solution, of course, is to spend hours and hours in your garden and pluck all these vile invaders one by one. Pesticides are another way but can be aggressive and harmful for other plants, but also for humans.

So you do not want to exterminate more than just one target, but still, want to be effective and clean up your garden of the invading pests? There are natural and efficient methods to take care of this problem, without having to use chemicals like pesticides.

Hot peppers

Hot-peppersIF you happen to own a garden and love hot, spicy meals, you must already have a hot pepper plant growing. Then you have all the ingredients right in front of you. This pest remedy works great; you just have to prepare the right solution so you can spray it all over your plants. Take a good handful of the hottest peppers you have and boil them up. Then strain the liquid into a spray bottle and work your magic. Our advice is to wear glasses and glove while you do this. Trust us; you do not want this thing in your eyes.

If you cannot get any hot peppers, ground cayenne pepper will work well, too. Mix it up with an onion and some garlic and prepare the same boiled solution. If slugs are your problem, spread some coffee beans around the base of the plants under attack.


It is a delicious root which you can use in many kinds of meals. But the good taste we enjoy does not mean insects love it too. Ants and many other pests simply hate turmeric and will keep away from it. Find yourself some powdered turmeric and sprinkle it around the base of the plants you want to protect. You can also dilute the powder in some water and spray it on the plants.


EggshellsIt might sound weird, but slugs and snails and other slimy, unwanted guests will keep away from eggshells. Break them up and toss them around your garden and slugs will stay away because they will not want to crawl on top of the sharp edges of crushed egg shells.

Diatomaceous Earth

DE is a great, already prepared solution for your infested garden. DE is a sedimentary rock, crushed up into tiny particles, a soft powder to be exact. When insects or other pests eat some of the powder, it dehydrates them, leading to their deaths.

Banana or orange peels


Keep the peels of the bananas you eat. There is a good use for them. Cut up the banana peels and bury them a few inches below the surface, just around the areas you want to protect or the plants that are affected. If you are going for orange peels, you can even make a spray of them or just spread them around your garden.


Termite Control And The Best Methods Against Them

Have you ever wonder where the best place is and what is the best climate for termite? Like everybody else they adore Florida, and besides beaches and beautiful landscape Florida can offer you this unpleasant surprise. Although they can develop here in enormous amounts, we have good news for you. Pest solutions are more than efficient when it comes to them. You will not just eliminate them you will also manage to prevent these destructive creatures from your home.

How many types of termites you can find on Florida

Drywood termites

Drywood-termitesDry wood termites you can easily find in dry wood as their name says itself. They never come in contact with soil. They usually swarm through small cracks and crevice around the exterior of the building, and they can easily enter the mentioned. Once they established a colony, they continue with swarming the rest of it.

Subterranean termites

Subterranean termites usually are under the soil, and we can say they are very industrious creatures. To find food, they dig through the soil. They are responsible for 80% of annual damage, which is more than fires and floods, combined.

If they are so powerful, the real question is how to get rid of them at all?

In the fight against subterranean termites, we use so-called green approach. This approach is one of the latest and the most modern ones. The point is to target and paralyze the mouths of termites, so they are disabled to eat. This way you will stop them feeing for hours. Like any wounded creature affected termite will return to its colony and spreads this to the others. Within three months your place will be completely termite-free and fully protected in the future.

Every termite control company use natural, organic and essential oil to control both of these types of termites. They often offer a million dollar damage repair warranty for all kind of homes. With their so many times, rewarded experience can rest assured that you will receive an accurate, timely and honest inspection. With the finest staff and the most experienced inspectors, you can feel free to feel completely safe because there are usually 5 or even more additional certified inspectors as a back-up support.Termites

The payment methods

The WDO request process has never been so simple; you can choose between cash and pre-payment via major credit card, about $40 per service. Every payment is secure and in the process of our secure service so no one could take possible takes advantage of you. This purchase is more than safe and warranted.

No matter what you decide to do, you should know that without professionals destroying termites will be impossible because they are very tough and persistent enemy. After you realized that you are dealing with them, call for help immediately. The more you wait, the harder is to get rid of them. Always call your neighbor to participate the action because the colony can be at their place.