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How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home: Top Tips

We all know how annoying rodent infestations are. All those dirty little critters are running around and leaving a mess in your house. Not to mention the health hazard they present. Mice and rats carry all kinds of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Pest control companies are always a good solution, but sometimes they are unavailable, do not do the job right and are often expensive.

Here you will find information on how to tackle a rodent infestation and how to keep your home clean of mice and rats. There are effective methods you can use to make your home a rodent-free zone. Keep reading, and we will tell you about a few tips on what to take note of.


Keep your home clean. It means your basement too. Rats love to sneak into the basement when you leave something interesting for them, like food. They will also nest in the debris you leave there, like old clothes and blankets, where they will feel warm. The food you have at your home should be out of access to rodents, that is a definite must. Also, clean any signs of dirt and clutter.

Traps and baits do not get the job done

Setting traps will only be a temporary solution. If you happen to trap and kill 5 or 6 mice, you can expect more of them. It is not rare for mice to build families of up to 30 little critters. The more important job is to seal all the entry points in the building. Otherwise, the pests will keep on returning.

Cats are useless

CatA cat is a hunter, yes. But it can only do so much, just like a single trap. And there are scared and lazy cats which will not be interested in hunting rodents. A good cat will be able to catch a few mice, but this will not solve your infestation problem.

Higher stories are safer than first floors

Yes, it is true that tenants living higher up do not experience as much rodent trouble as the people near the ground, but this does not mean rats cannot get up there. Remember, these animals are athletic, nimble and determined. They are driven by hunger, in most cases, and they will explore the upper floors with ease. Mice can set up a nest high above the ground and create their colonies on upper floors.

Consult an expert

It is always a wise choice. But we recommend using a specialist when renovating or buying an apartment in an old building. The expert will check the basement of the building to see for signs of infestations. He will help you to spot and seal any cracks when renovating your apartments. Also, when you are refurbishing your kitchen or bathroom, the expert will be able to treat the gaps in the plumbing and the wiring professionally. Hiring an expert is always good when all things considered because you will have a long term solution.



Preventing And Fighting Rodent Invasions

Many people consider pests like mice and rats repulsive and disgusting. And they have a good right to do so. Rats and mice are a genuine health hazard. They can carry viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms and pathogens which can present serious threats to human health. For example, one of the reasons the bubonic plague had such an impact is rats. They were the main carrier of the disease.

If you happen to live in neighborhoods which have rodent issues, you should learn several techniques to defend your home against them. Mice and rats will seek for warm places to hide, especially in the cold winter nights. Some people even reported rats coming into the house through the toilet. Keep reading to find out how to fight against an all-out rodent attack, but also how to implement preventive measures.

Search for any sign of presence

Rodent-presenceIn general, mice will stay away from people and keep clear of apartments and houses. They are mostly interested in the food they can find there, and as long as they can find a good entry point, they will keep coming for more. The most obvious signs of rodent presence are the droppings, the tiny, pointy balls smaller than a grain of rice, and the characteristic „rub marks“ on walls. It is due to their oily fur which leaves the marks. As far as rats go, their dropping is a little bigger, about the size of a penny (in length).

Rats will, in most cases, stay away from apartments and stick to basements and garages. Only if they are very hungry, desperate for food, they will enter a home. The construction business is rat disturbers: when there is construction underway, you can expect rats to emerge. You will also find larger groups near schools and restaurants because they are attracted to the food in the trash.

Check your home for possible entry points

Be on the look out for any cracks and crevices. It is amazing how small the hole can be for a rodent to ho through. Patch up all the holes, so you do not see any light coming through. Because that is all, it takes when it comes to size: if you see a ray of light, a mouse will be able to squeeze through. Take special care when inspecting doors, windows, plumbing, electrical wires and so on.

The right sealants for the job

SteelMany DIY solutions advise using steel wool or caulk. But let us tell you right now, avoid these materials. Experts keep saying that these materials are not suitable due to the simple fact that rats and mice can move steel wool and even chew through it. It is much better to use cement and metal wire mesh. One more thing to keep in mind is that wooden floors have a tendency to move and swell, meaning the holes get bigger and the steel wool is easier to move. Experts always use steel mesh, sheet metal, and plastic. This way the obstacle is firmly in place and the rats do not have any way to move it.


Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Roaches: 3 Effective Solutions

Many people find bugs repulsive. And roaches usually top the charts when it comes to the level of repulsiveness. They are disgusting; they are a sign of uncleanliness and, what is worst, they are dangerous. Roaches carry all kinds of bacteria, parasitic microorganisms and many other types of pathogens hazardous to human health.

Roaches roam around and pick up these pathogens, and then, drawn by the sources of food in our homes, bring them into contact with us. They leave their droppings wherever they go, leaving a trail of harmful bacteria behind them. Ok, enough with the gross stuff.

The problem is in the fact that pesticides, however effective they may be, are far from healthy. Chemicals used to repress roaches also have many negative effects to humans. It is wise to avoid them, if possible. Luckily, there are a few good tips concerning the roach extermination problem the natural way, so listen up and stop buying those dangerous pesticides!

Make sure your home is clean

Home-cleanThe best first step towards roach extermination is a major clean-up. Your home needs to be spot clean. One of the strategic places you need to secure is your refrigerator. Make sure that all of your food is off limits to roaches, so the best tip is to keep it in sealed-tight containers. Once you placed all of the food in your house off-limits to roaches, proceed with the cleaning adventure. Start scrubbing, washing, wiping and do it with passion: you need to get all of the remains (including the droppings) out of your home!

Cleaning on a regular basis will make sure that there are no leftovers of food on the floors, in the furniture, behind doors, and in the carpets. This way, roaches will not be motivated to explore the nooks and crannies of your furniture and floors. Your house will just not be interesting to them, and you will quickly solve the roach infestation problem.

One more good technique is to use a mix of peppermint oil and water and spray it around the house. Roaches hate the scent of peppermint oil, and they will avoid it in wide circles. This simple trick will help you kick out the unwanted intruders.

Dry the roaches out

Dry-the-roaches-outIt may sound strange that this can be done, but you can make your roaches die of thirst. While roaches can last more than a month without food, they will need to have some water every week or so. Keep the places inside of your house which is usually wet as dry as possible. It means sinks, sink area, countertops and any remaining damp clothes or sponges. Be sure to do a proper job because these guys need only a drop per day to survive!

Employ your vacuum cleaner

Finally, try not to squash roaches. It will leave a messy trail of slime on your floors. Vacuuming them is a much more elegant solution. And, if you have second thoughts about exterminating a population of bugs, vacuuming does not kill them. So you can let them out into the wild if you want.


3 Quick And Easy Ways To Keep Roaches Out Of Your Home

Roaches are one of the worst pests out there. Not only that they are obnoxious and disgusting, but they are also potentially very dangerous. Roaches are carriers of harmful bacteria, parasitic worms and other pathogens dangerous to humans. They roam around our homes, backyards, basements and garages searching for remains of food, usually in trash. Even worse, they leave a dirty trail of bug droppings! These minuscule particles can end up in our food, and then cause all sorts of serious health problems.

Once they get inside the house, it is very difficult to get rid of them. They reproduce quickly if they find good conditions to thrive in. It usually means a dark and damp place with a source of food close by. We have a few words of advice for you on how to fight these pesky critters and get them out of your home, once and for all.

Keep the cracks minimal

Keep-the-cracks-minimalRoaches are crafty, great at pushing through very small gaps. For example, many cockroaches can squeeze through a crack as thin as a coin. Even larger species like the American cockroach can find their way through space the width of a quarter. Impossibly tiny cracks are not an obstacle for a capable roach.

It is not only the fact that they are small and adaptable. They like crevices and cracks. Roaches prefer to make their homes in small spaces, surrounded by solid surfaces, preferably in contact with their bodies. They will try to move into the cracks in the floors, walls and any other narrow spaces you might have in your home, always with a tight fit. And the more cracks they can find, the more of them you can expect in your house.

Our advice is to run thorough inspections of your home to keep the number of these annoying usurpers of space at a minimum, Then start sealing up all the cracks you can find. Cracked floorboards, crevices in the walls and countertops, make sure you get them all. And pay close attention to sinks and tubs because the pipes are a great way for an infestation of roaches to enter. Use a stopper and block them off.

Baking soda

Baking-SodaOne more cool and natural technique to exterminate roaches is baking soda. Prepare a mixture of baking soda and something sweet like honey or sugar and make sure you mix it all together as best as you can. It is to prevent the roaches from eating it. Just leave the bait where the critters can nibble at it and wait for them to turn over on their backs.

Roach traps

Safe roach traps have been around for a while now. Use these clever devices to lure the roaches inside, and you can then safely dispose of them. The traps will not kill the bugs, just trap them so that they cannot get out. For bait, you can use a simple piece of bread or a potato chip. Once the trap fills up, toss it in the trash and get another one. Position them at strategic places, and you will soon be on your way to living in a roach-free home.